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custom design

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a challenging and frustrating task, especially if you are looking for a gown that is different. 


Maybe you are getting married on a breezy beach or in a beautiful garden and need your dress to be light and flowing. Or, you have a "difficult to fit" body type and standard sized dresses just don't look right.  Many of our clients with similar wishes and needs decided that getting a custom made wedding gown is the way to go.


We work with a large variety of silks, laces and other bridal fabrics in beautiful colors and elegant textures so we can create the dress of your dreams!


Here are just a few of custom design benefits:

You get exactly what you want!

No more driving around from store to store dealing with several sales consultants to find that perfect gown . All you need is a picture, a sketch, or simply an idea of what you want to get started. We will do the rest.


No need for costly alterations.

Before the fabric is even cut, your figure's specifics are already taken into consideration.


You will have the dress that is "YOU"!

Our highly experienced bridal designer will help you choose a style, elements, and fabric that will enhance your best features, while concealing any imperfections for the most flattering look.


Please call 916-296-0232 to schedule your complimentary consultation and decide for yourself if custom order could be just what you need.

"I thought looking for a wedding dress was going to be the best day of my life. Well, it may be for some people but it was awful for me. I felt so dumb in all the dresses I tried on everywhere. I felt like I was wearing a Halloween costume. I wanted a dress for a boat wedding so it couldn't be poofy. It also had to have yellow to remember my mom who had passed away. Nothing I saw in person or on the internet fit my criteria until my husband to be thought of getting it made. I went with a picture and a lot of ideas to Lana's Studio and very nervous began creating "the dress". They made me feel good and comfortable and really listened to all my crazy ideas. Every fitting my dress came more alive and it was so much fun. The price was amazing for a school teacher with "bling"taste and meager means. The price was so good I decided to get a jacket and flowers for my hair. Lana's Studio is even putting my wedding date in blue inside my dress for good luck on my upcoming wedding date. This dress hunt has been great and I can't wait until my soon to be husband sees me on our wedding date. I'm so excited and can't thank them enough for all of their hard work!!:) "


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